In our industry of lacrosse, packaging is somewhat of an afterthought. Typically, lacrosse shafts merchandise from a single plastic hook and screw. Most branding is found on the product itself, and not on the packaging. When tasked with creating a packaging concept we wanted to create something that was as unique as the product we had created and mirrored it’s clean,simple and sophisticated design. We saw this as an opportunity to produce something that would give us significantly more shelf presence and visually set us a part from the oversaturated retail space.

The design process for creating the header card for Metal and Metal Plus was very hands on, quite literally. Cutting and folding dozens of paper prototypes, we created something that is both functional, and in line with all of our other product packaging. The design compliments and showcases the shaft and its simplicity with a header card crafted around the natural shape of the shaft. 

The card is secured to the shaft by a matte black screw that must be included with every stick (to secure a lacrosse head to the lacrosse shaft) allowing it to be multifunctional.